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Managing director: Alexander Kynast

Tax number: 13/136/06577

Responsible chamber: Lübeck Chamber of Crafts.

Company number: 2121056219

Kantstrasse 25, 25335 Elmshorn (office)

Hauptstrasse 9.25492 Heist (photo studio)

Telephone 01525/6807272

Alexander Kynast is responsible for the content of this website.

All photos on this website were realized by Photobyalex (Alexander Kynast).

All rights to the photos are reserved to the photographer Alexander Kynast.

Any duplication, distribution, storage, transmission and re-

and disclosure of the content is without the written permission of

Alexander Kynast expressly prohibited.

Copyright violations will be prosecuted.

PhotoByAlex expressly emphasizes no influence

on the design and content of linked pages. Therefore distant

PhotoByAlex hereby expressly disapproves of all

Contents of all linked websites including all subpages

and their sublinks or other forwarding mechanisms

which have links, banners or other links.


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